The Meat Barn offers a delicious range of quality, fresh beef, lamb, chicken, pork and sausages all produced on site, as well as cooked meats, small goods, vegetables, convenience foods and frozen items.

Our beef and lamb are sourced locally, so when you purchase from us you are helping your local farmers. The products we sell in The Meat Barn are the same we send to fresh to the world daily, supporting our reputation as one of Australia’s leading meat processing companies. Our chicken is sourced from a reputable family company near Bendigo.

We understand how important it is to cater to our customer’s personal dietary requirements and we have a full range of delicious gluten free products, including many of our gourmet sausages. Try the sweet and sour pork from the deli, our delicious chicken kebabs and the honey and rosemary flours in our marinated lamb range. If in doubt ask one of our friendly staff, or see the full gluten free product range here. 

Not sure which cut to buy or how to cook your purchase to perfection? Check out the meat guide, product cooking tips and recipe suggestions on the product pages below.


We offer an extensive range of quality, fresh beef, sourcing locally from the pristine south west Victoria region.

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Delicious fresh pork and ready to cook pork lines are a great addition to our range.

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Our delicious lamb is sourced locally and renowned throughout the world for its succulence and flavour.

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Our extremely popular award-winning sausages are hand made in store and bring new meaning to the “humble snag”.

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Our chicken range is predominantly sourced from Hazeldene’s, a family-owned company near Bendigo.

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We have ready to go roasts and hot cooked vegetables, plus a huge range of ready to cook meals designed to make family meals a breeze.

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