raw burgers from organic beef with garlic and rosemary in a frying pan on an old wooden table, top view

We are aware we are responsible for feeding your families and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously, which is why we cater for a variety of dietary requirements. We have a full range of gluten free products available in store:



Tasty thin; natural skin; chicken, spinach & pinenut; Bratwurst, Italian pork; beef, spinach & pepper; chili, beef, bacon & cheese; Mediterranean lamb.


Beefy barn burger; Texas burger; Angus burger.

From the deli

Beef stroganoff; Italian meatballs


Marinated chicken patties (honey soy, BBQ glaze), marinated chicken drumettes; chicken kebabs (satay;herb chilli & garlic; honey soy).


Bulk marinated lamb chops (honey rosemary glaze); boneless lamb loins (honey & rosemary); bulk lamb chops (honey & rosemary).


Aussie pork spare ribs (bbq flavour).