Pork - The Meat Barn WarrnamboolOur delicious fresh pork and value added pork lines are a welcome asset to The Meat Barn’s product range. From cutlets to roasts and schnitzels, marinated pork stir fry to pork belly and pickled pork – be sure to get some pork on your fork!

Pork Buying Guide

Roast pork with a crispy crackling is an absolute Australian favourite. The key to a perfect roast is to weigh your meat and get your cooking time just right - cook it for too long and you risk drying the meat out.

You also need to get a perfect crackling - to do this make sure the skin is very dry. You can leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight - this is a great way to dry it out. Leave it out on the bench for half an hour before cooking to let it come to room temperature, then rub salt all over the skin and into the slits. Start cooking at a high temperature and when the crackling is bubbling and is sizzling, turn the temperature down low and slow roast until its done.

Spare ribs make a delicious meal. Marinated and roasted they are a firm family favourite. Slow roasting them is another way to enjoy this tender cut.

Pork Scotch fillets and sirloin steaks are great on the BBQ. Treat them like beef steaks - oil and season the meat and cook for 8 to 10 minutes turning until evenly browned. Make sure you rest them for 2 or 3 minutes and let them absorb the juices so they remain juicy and tender.

Pork mince is perfect for bolognese sauces and pasta dishes. Mixed with beef or veal, or even on its own, it makes for a lighter, tasty sauce. Diced pork is great for family classics like sweet and sour. Look for a recipe in your slow cooker for a real treat.

Pork Recipes

collor butt roast no marinade

Pulled pork

Ingredients 2 bottles of cider 1 tsp salt 2 tsp brown sugar 2 tsp pepper 2 tsp ground cumin 2…


Creamy mushroom and pork pasta bake

Prep time: 10 minutes/Cook time: 50 minutes Serves: 6 people Ingredients 600g lean pork mince 2 tablespoons oil 1 onion,…

Texican pork baked potatoes

Prep time 10 minutes/Cook time 40 minutes Serves 4 people Ingredients 4 large washed potatoes 400g lean pork mince 35g…


Slow cooked chilli spiced pork belly

Prep time: 8 hours/Cook time 1 hour 40 minutes Serves: 4 people Ingredients 1kg pork belly rind off 1 litre…


Pulled pork sliders

Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 3 hours 40 minutes Serves 4 people Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1kg pork…

Pork Rack Roast - The Meat Barn Warrnambool


A delicious pork roast is the perfect winter warmer, but our salsa verde adds some zing in warmer months.